List of Courses Taught


Assistant Professor at University of Cincinnati (2012-Present)

Organizational Behavior for Effective Leaders (Online)

Organizational Leadership and Law

Employment Law

HR Management


Compensation and Benefits

International HR

Introduction to Human Resources (Online)


Individual Behavior in the Workplace (Graduate Level) 

Negotiation (Graduate Level)

Visiting Assistant Professor at Dalian University of Technology (2014-Present)

Human Resource Management 

Communications and Negotiations

Visiting Professor at DeVry University (2006-2014)

Introduction to Business and Technology 

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving 

Leadership and Organizational Behavior Employment Law 

Human Resource Information Systems 

Strategic Staffing Training and Development 

Compensation & Benefits 

Labor Relations 

Managing Organizational Change 

Human Resource Management 

Training and Development 

Employment Law 

Strategic Staffing 

Compensation Benefits 

Human Resource Management 

Introduction to Psychology 

Motivation and Leadership

Assistant Professor at Miami University

Introduction to Business and the Economy (Traditional and Online)

Introduction to Management (Traditional and Online)

Management and Supervisory Skills

Idependent Studies

Management-Worker Relations

Personal Organizational Skills

Leadership Decision Skills

Intorduction to Business

Organizational Behavior and Theory

Human Resource Management

Employment Law

Compensation Management

Labor Relations and Conflict Management

Staffing Organizations

Human Resource Management (Graduate level)

Description of Courses Taught

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